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& Wellness/Intimacy Coach 

Tantra & Wellness/Intimacy Coach 


Helping you overcome stress & anxiety so you can find complete relaxation & bliss in your life.

For me Tantra is Love and Healing.
I used to be an analytical person but after my experience with Tantra I could reconnect to my heart and to my body.

Today my mission is to help people to overcome their challenges and create a life full of joy, creativity and self-love.

I welcome you to my world!

about me

I'm Simone

Marlon, Hollywood FL

Simone is an amazing woman with a beautiful soul. From the first moment we met, Simone made me feel comfortable and helped create a special vibe and connection. Tantra definitely helps you become more in-tune with your body and with what gives it pleasure. 

Alex, Los Angeles CA

"Simone is one of the most beautiful spirits, a goddess and true practitioner of tantra. From the first welcome and throughout the journey that is the session, I felt energized and inspired by her warmth and calm.


Tantra is a behavioral philosophy that appeared more than 5000 years ago. It flourished in a society located which is now present-day Pakistan and India. The philosophy explains how a man relates to himself, to other human beings, to animals and to nature. A relationship that is based on sensorially (through bodily senses).

As a result of this relationship, the cult of the mother goddess appeared. In this context, the woman had sacred connotations, as she was responsible for perpetuating life. But not only that, but the woman was also seen as an inexhaustible source of sensorially. It was adored as the ultimate expression, the most sophisticated expression of life and nature.

This is the reason why female sculptures appear, in this society, in a much higher number than male sculptures. Tantra is detoxifying and matriarchal. Uses sexual energy in a mature, conscious way, with spiritual and sacred goals.


Tantric bodywork for women works on your physical, emotional and energetic levels, helping you feel and listen to your own body, become more grounded, feel your emotions, work through traumas and connect with your sexual energy and genitals.

tantra for women

Couples are taught connection rituals, full body massage skills and prostate/ Lingam and Yoni massage. You will be taught various techniques and exercises for enhancing intimacy and connection.

intimacy & holistic coaching

Intimacy/wellness coaching sessions are methods based on vulnerability, mindfulness and compassion with the focus on embodiment, sexuality and relationships

tantra couple


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"The tantric path involves taking the mind and directing it beyond the senses"

-Frederick lenz



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